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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013

5 Tips for Finding the Right Daycare Job

5 Tips for Finding the Right Daycare Job

They call you the Baby Whisperer

You’ve known it for years: Kids gravitate to you like the Pied Piper, parents love having you around to provide some of your toddler-whisperer magic, you push strollers as easily as people walk their dogs, and you just absolutely love being around children.

Are you ready to actually get a paycheck for what comes so naturally to you? Sprinkle on some baby powder, and read on.

Before you take the plunge, take some time to consider some truly important tips for finding a perfect-fit job in the daycare or nursery industry:

Are you ready to rumble? They say that patience is a virtue, and “they” are right!
If patience isn’t your strong suit, then quite simply, reconsider this choice. These are precious little beings we’re talking about here. The joys are great, and the pressure to stay calm, cool, and collected at all times is even greater.

Consider your objective: Do you want to work in baby nursery, daycare center, preschool program, or in your own home as an all-day or after-school caretaker? Do you want to be babysitter or work as a nanny in a family’s home?

Attain the necessary certifications: Based on your answers, you will want to do some research about any potential licenses or certifications that will be necessary. Each state has its own requirements. Some may require a high school diploma, while others may require an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. For certain positions, none of these may be required – only your warm spirit and ability to put children at ease. There’s a perfect fit for almost everyone seeking to work with little ones.

Consider taking an online course or two or ten: More than ever, online classes are available to anyone and everyone. Of course, if you have accessibility, consider taking a class or two at one of your local colleges; if that is not an easy option, a quick Google search can have you up and running with the next online session.

This is a great way to make yourself as marketable as possible and to present yourself as a notch above the competition for the job. Consider taking a course like Child Psychology, Early Infant Care, or any child and family studies selection.

Check both sets of records: Health and criminal records will be important to consider, as you’ll most probably be checked out in both areas. Those hiring you will want proof that you’re in good health and in no way harmful around children. Proof of up-to-date immunizations will probably be required; if they aren’t, provide them anyway. It will show that you’re truly aware of how important that is.

And if anything more than a speeding ticket or fender bender could show up on a criminal background check, be prepared to share the details that explain that you are fully appropriate to be around the young ones.

Let the fingerpaints roll! After considering these tips for your job search, odds are high that you’ll find the right spot for your needed, appreciated, and sought-after skill set. Working around children brings the greatest and purest of joys, and when you combine your wonderful and warm skills with today’s parents’ needs, everyone wins. Cheers to that — and good luck!

Are you ready to find that perfect job?

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Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer for many companies and organizations. She may be reached at vwschaffner@gmail or find her on LinkedIn!

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