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jessica-july-2011-headshot-150x150Secrets of the Job Hunt or SOTJH was established in 2007 as a career resource and community for job seekers.  Purchased in 2012 by Jessica Miller-Merrell, most known for her HR and workplace blog, Blogging4Jobs.  SOTJH was relaunched in January 2013.  At SOTJH, we aim to help uncover the secrets of the job search from our community of career and job search experts.  It’s the place job seekers have to be.

Miller-Merrell has always had a passion for the job search as Blogging4Jobs was initially created in 2007 as a job search blog.  From 2009-2011 she hosted an Internet television show called Job Search Secrets.  While Blogging4Jobs continues to reach a job search audience having more than 350,000 views a month, the focus has changed discussing HR, recruiting, work leadership, and workplace technology topics. SOTJH helps to continue her passion to help job seekers.

Job Search and Career Tips

The job search is more competitive than ever with the rules changing nearly every day.  As recruiters and hiring managers struggle to find top talent, great candidates also are frustrated with getting noticed resorting to job search marketing campaigns and bill boards to land a job interview.  There’s a better way, and we’ll show you how.

The site includes a multi-contributor blog featuring leading thought leaders and innovators in HR, Careers, Recruiters, Interns, and the Technical Job Search.  You can read more about our contributors by clicking here.  Readers can also benefit by joining our online free job search community where we connect you directly with hiring managers looking to fill positions through our network.  If you are interested in advertising or having your business be featured on SOTJH, visit our Advertising Page.

Companies interested in learning more about this community and advertising opportunities can click here to send us a message where you will be directed to a Contact Us Page.


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