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Promotional Tweets

Let Jessica promote your product or service through a series of promotional tweets & testimonials to her nearly 250,000 social media contacts.   Individual tweets & Facebook mentions start at $125.  Social media properties include @jobhunting, @blogging4jobs, @_careerblogger, @_hrblogger  and @jobhunting to name a few.

Product Review

Blog post sponsorships or features start at $1,500 and link directly to your article, video or product.  Product reviews include up to 2 screenshots and 2 links directly to your product.  I must demo the product prior to writing a review with the words and opinions being my own. Click here for an example of a product review.    Product reviews are are 250-600 words.

Sponsored Post or Guest Post 

Sponsored or guest posts include 2 link backs to your site along with mention the the post is sponsored.  These posts are shared via our robust social media channels.  Guest posts must be thought leadership pieces and are not sales pitches.  Both options are 250-600 words. Click here for an example of a sponsored post from our sister site,  This price is 50% discounted from our sister site due to the re-launch.  Snag your deal now with prices starting at $400.

Webinar Sponsorships

Looking to sponsor one of our webinars?  Webinars are professionally marketed, designed, and recorded averaging 500+ attendees.  Sponsors have access to registration list.  Logos are including in marketing materials and 2 times throughout the webinar.  Prices start at $6,000. 

Add Your Blog to the HR Blogger Network 

Adding your blog to the HR Blogger Network.  Blogs are added to, tweeted & shared on Facebook for one year at a cost of $960. Let us research the hottest hash tags and help promote your blog.  HR Blogger is a Alltop style site organizing only active industry-related blogs in one place.

Connect with us to receive a copy of our media kit and talk about opportunities to work together.


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