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We get a lot of requests and inquiries about how folks can contribute guest posts to Secrets of the Job Hunt.  Since 2007 SOTJH has been providing career and job seeker resources helping to share the inside scoop on the job hunt. Led by the sassy voices of Jessica Miller-Merrell, the SOTJH community seeks to educate job seekers on latest trends, information, and best practices related to your job search.  Regular writers and guest contributors get a lot of opportunity for exposure and to generate discussion.  Read our Contributor Bios.


Content & Blog Requirements for SOTJH


Guest blog posts should be between 250-600 words and should be on job search, career topics, or recruiting insights.  Regular contributors write twice a month on a regular scheduled day.  If you are inquiring or interested in advertising or promotional opportunities, check out our Advertising Section to learn more about pricing, availability, and information.  Essentially, if you are a vendor and you want to post on this blog, you have to pay to play.

Guest bloggers are encouraged to send content here and include their email address, LinkedIn profile, and link to their website or blog.  Please make sure to include this information in the contact form below.


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