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Posted by on Feb 13, 2013

Hit the Bullseye in Social Media Job Searching

Hit the Bullseye in Social Media Job Searching


Answer These Questions and Find Out if You’ve Hit the Bullseye!

Every YES represents 5 points.

Every NO represents zero.

1. Do you know your personal BRAND  well enough that you can communicate it on social media sites?

**If you don’t know this, don’t proceed any further and start developing you brand!

2. Are you using at least ONE social media site to promote your BRAND and job search?

3. Are you using Youtube to get quick job search and career advice in short video clips? Youtube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine!

4. To prepare for your interviews, are you using any of the following:

  • Klout

5. Using Linkedin to make professional contacts?

6. Getting recommendations on Linkedin to promote your brand?

7. Do you have a 100% Linkedin profile?

8. Have you googled your name? If not, you may not be a “top fold!” So is your online ID “squeaky clean” and presentable?

9. Are your SM accounts on all of your marketing products (resume, bio, blog, etc)

10. Are your using Twitter to share information?

11. Have you highlighted your expertise as a SME (subject matter expert)?

12. To increase your “tribe” on Twitter, are you following influential people?

13. Is your job search PASSIVE or active? (i.e. hiding behind job boards and using exclusively online job search techniques?)

Declare a 0% tolerance for conducting a passive job search that is exclusively electronic!


POOR (0-16)– You have work to do to stand out in your job search. You are probably using traditional, conventional job search methods that aren’t fruitful.

AVERAGE (17-33)- Many job seekers are in this range. If you aren’t seeing any results (ie. Calls for interviews, response from your marketing materials, etc), clarify your goals, recharge and refresh your job search strategy!

ACCEPTABLE (33- 49)-You’re probably making headway and getting results, but you could push the envelope even further. Recharge and refresh your job search strategy regularly and track any results. Keep up the momentum!

GOOD (49+ )-You’re not settling for mediocre results in your job search. You are striving to beat out the competition. Celebrate milestones and successes.

What could you be doing differently to hit the BULLSEYE?

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About Melissa Martin

Melissa is a passionate, innovative career expert, who holds impressive credentials in the career/employment field for over 14 years. Her specialties include dealing with the unemployed, underemployed, military members, aspiring entrepreneurs and those who need “career nourishment to re-ignite themselves.”

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