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Posted by on Mar 7, 2013

Top 10 Sessions in the 2013 SXSW Lineup for Job Seekers

Top 10 Sessions in the 2013 SXSW Lineup for Job Seekers


In our first installment for Top 10 Sessions in the 2013 SXSW Lineup for Job Seekers we are taking a look at sessions and meetups that you must attend in order to gain valuable insights and elevate your job search to the next level. While there are 100s of sessions to attend, here is my advice in what panels you should pick to help better your chances of having a job after SXSW.

Digital Creative Job Market (Friday March 8th, 10 AM) A convenient meeting spot for innovative thinkers and equally innovative companies, the Digital Creative Job Market enables talented professionals to match their skills with 21st century, cutting-edge employers. View Full Description

Everything Is Not Important (Saturday March 9th, 4 PM) One of the greatest lessons we can teach people as experience designers is that everything is not important. It seems an easy lesson to learn, since after all, it’s our job to sort through huge amounts of information in order to decide and to highlight what is important. View Full Description

How To Think Like a Scientist & Save the World (Sunday March 10th, 11:45 AM) I’m an engineer. That doesn’t just describe my training or my job description, it’s who I am. I look at the world through a scientific, analytical lens, and when I identify problems, I prototype ways to solve them. Engineers have unique viewpoints and skills and, I argue, a unique responsibility to use our abilities for the good of all. Why can’t we, as engineers, team up to solve some of the world’s biggest problems? View Full Description

I Met My Agency @ SXSW – Digital Strategists (Sunday March 10th, 12 PM) Following the success of our Agency Meet Up in 2012, we are excited to announce another round of SXSW Recruiter Meet Ups now expanding to our four day program! This unique networking opportunity connects top agencies with potential job seekers in a casual environment. View Full Description

Reinventing You: Define Your Brand & Your Future (Sunday March 10th, 5 PM) Are you where you want to be professionally? Whether your goal is to advance faster at your company, change jobs, or even careers, one thing is clear: to succeed in today’s competitive job market and build the career you want, at some point you’ll need to reinvent yourself professionally – and ensure that others recognize the contribution only you can make. View Full Description

The Rise of the Autodidactic Degree (Monday March 11th, 11:45 AM) An economic downturn, fewer jobs, new expectations for workers — whatever the reason, times are changing. People are realizing the financial burden of student loans and the struggle to find a job after graduation. Meanwhile, their role models are both some of the most successful people in business AND college dropouts — Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, to name a few.  View Full Description

Using Your Online Network to Get a Job #IRL (Monday March 11th, 3:30 PM) We’ve all digitally stalked hiring managers before: followed them on Twitter, sent a Facebook friend request, liked their Instagram photos, Highlighted them, sent an InMail. But, does it actually work, and how do hiring managers perceive this? There is also that awkward moment when you have a digital-turned-#IRL run-in with a hiring manager you’ve been creeping on. View Full Description

Building a Better UX Resume’ (Monday March 11th, 3:30 PM) The dreaded résumé. How can one love something meant to condense and cram a person’s life and career into a handful of pages? We as job hunters hate them because they never seem to sufficiently convey what we do or how we do it, and it’s usually the first impression any potential employer gets of us. View Full Description

Reputation as a Currency: Is the Resume Extinct? (Tuesday March 12th, 1230 PM) Trust mechanisms played a huge role in ushering online transactions from scary leaps of faith to our status quo, but what happens when online trust and social reputation move beyond the commerce space? View Full Description

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Full-Time Job (Tuesday March 12th, 3:30 PM) Sure, your friends love that coffee table you made in your garage, your Arduino-controlled tweeting refrigerator, or the blanket you made for your cousin’s new baby. But can you really turn your hobby into a full-fledged business? And where do you even begin? View Full Description

South By Southwest 2013 Offers Something for Everyone. Job Seekers included.

Now that you’ve got your tickets in hand and we’re here to offer you a few more tips on what to expect during South By Southwest. Check
out our Beginner’s Guide and don’t forget to register for Social Siesta on Saturday, March 9th from 1-3 PM.

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