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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013

Video Interviews: Dos and Don’ts

Video Interviews: Dos and Don’ts

Video interviews are becoming a more common practice as the office and workplace environment extends to home-based workers from around the world. While a telephone interview can accomplish a great deal, there’s still something to be said for being able to see a person.

The way a person presents him or herself, their body language, and eye contact all play important roles in the job-seeking process. Learning how to use video interviews to their benefit can help job-seekers secure the position they want by standing out from the competition.

Video Interview Do’s

  • Be Clean and Well-Groomed. Most interviewees wouldn’t consider going to an interview with an unkempt appearance. The same should be true for video interviews. Be clean, well groomed, and wear professional attire. Appearance is the first thing to be noticed in a video interview.
  • Consider the Immediate Environment. An interviewee’s immediate surroundings will play a part in the impression they make on the interviewer. Make sure the area that’s in view of the web camera is clean and neat. Messy, disorganized surroundings can lead the interviewer to believe that the individual is a disorganized person.
  • Maintain Eye Contact. Eye contact is important in a video or in-person interview, as it conveys confidence, attentiveness, and interest. Maintaining eye contact lets the interviewer know that the job-seeker is invested in the interview and listening to what’s being said.
  • Be Mindful of Facial Expressions. Nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication. A video interview allows the interviewer to see the job-seeker’s facial expressions, which will either benefit the job-seeker or detract from his or her credibility. Use facial expressions that convey enthusiasm, interest, and a positive attitude.

Video Interview Don’ts

  • Don’t Forget About Being on Camera. In a home environment, it’s easy for a person to forget they’re on camera. Getting too relaxed can lead to doing or saying things that cross the line from professional into personal, and negatively impact the job-seeker’s chance of advancing in the process.
  • Don’t Have Pets or People Around. Most people know not to bring children, friends, or pets to an in-person interview, yet they’re sometimes seen wandering around the background in a video interview. This is distracting and unprofessional, and it can detract from the interviewee’s chance at the job.
  • Don’t Forget Physical Evidence of Experience. Interviewing in-person or on video gives the job-seeker an opportunity to share a portfolio or physical examples of past work. If applicable, this can help the job-seeker provide evidence that he or she is the ideal candidate for the job.

Present the Whole Package

Hiring companies are looking for the whole package these days. Preparing for an excellent video interview will help a candidate’s chances of advancing in the job-seeking process, but other components matter, too.

An excellent resume and solid social media presence can also benefit job-seekers who want to stand apart from their competition. Where social media is concerned, it’s always smart to make sure the reputation conveyed is a professional one. is an effective company that helps individuals and businesses clean up their online reputation and make it the best one possible. Altogether, these components serve to help job-seekers put their best foot forward as they endeavor to secure the ideal job.

Do you feel ready for your video interview?

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